The Economic Dangers of Nationalism

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  1. Bruce Montgomerie says:

    This is the best, clearest, and most succinct piece on this very important subject I have read so far. Well done!!


  2. Jim Havins says:

    You sound like the GOP establishment we are trying to get rid of!!!!


  3. L HYAK says:

    Seeing as how the Fraud in the WH is another left wing lib and the left choices are two old communist with dubious character flaws, I think the right side sounds more appealing….the leader as of now is a self made man and worthy of consideration as well as being self financed, he is a citizen not a politician, the others have decent records but are career politicians and I don’t think they have the “D’s” stones…

    I saw the elites of gov do this same thing to Reagan and I prospered during his administration…..


  4. Jason says:

    No one is against international trade, specifically bi-lateral, nation to nation, trade agreements. Both sides looking out for their own interests.

    What is destructive is the one-size-fits-all, so called “Free Trade” that sets up international rules and unelected controlling bureaucrats that REMOVE a nation’s sovereignty and attempts to ERASE borders, leading to a planned World Government.


  5. AlNewman says:

    Trump needs to state exactly where he stands on staying within the perimeters of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He needs to do it NOW. If he would give an interview and answers like Cruz did with Mark Levin, he would have my full support. Cruz SWORE to do everything that I’m looking for! Everything a good, conservative citizen would want our president to do.

    Trump, step up to the pump or I am going to do a little more shopping!



    Globalism = Nihilism in that it indirectly seeks to destroy or undermine national traditions, religion, value systems, social cohesion that obstruct the creation of a homogenized homo-economicus cheap labor force interchangeable internationally. Merkel is destroying German culture and social cohesion under the guise of moralistic liberal nonsense. Trump is driving a Jacksonian ‘revolution’ to restore the values and integrity and economic viability of Americans as against the globalizing giveaway of our resources and waste of men and women in futile foreign escapades. America First! After being ignored and undermined for several decades by the political and economic globalist elite, no wonder voters are uprising to support him. A little national priority is overdue.


  7. Warren Nelson says:

    Just look at where we are after 50 years of having Washington trying to do everything.


  8. Alex says:

    If imposing high tariffs and regulation was so bad China’s economy would be a wasteland . but instead they consider growth of 7 % a recession . when here we are glad to get 1 % explain that free traders.


  9. William Beverly says:

    Not only do we need free trade, but also we need to stimulate investment in developing countries in order to grow agriculture, manufacturing, education, research, medical care, etc. Obviously, this will help increase GDP and standards of living.


  10. M Douglas says:

    Nice article but it focused to much on the extremes of Nationalism. I support nationalism but not in it’s extremes. Tarrifs are bad but no worse than the monetary games central banks are playing with interest rates (negative?) quantitative easing (modern term for printing more money) and all other attempts to artificially give their countries’ goods an advantage in the market. Open markets require uniform currency exchange and products that are not made cheaper by government subsidies (taxes and other incentives to business). Businesses should not be given favorable tax treatment over the employees and individual shareholders that run them and own them. Washington is out of touch with the hardships the majority of citizens face daily. Many of the hardships come from the failed fiscal policies of the government. Removing the politicians that insist on status quo (when a politician says change it is not positive change for taxpaying citizens) is critical to eliminating the corruption running rampant in politics and Washington.


  11. rosech says:

    Sorry, but your idea of nationalism is not ours. We know you are referring to Hitler and other socialists. I have worked and lived under socialism and what we want today is more like populism; that We, The People take back our government, close borders, reduce administration and departments, stop the spending and taxation, rev up America in the world so we can be proud of our country and respected by other countries. We are also tired of sending our youth to die for other countries that created the problem and never get a thank you for it. Sorry, but your article is a sick one and not for a free and forward America and its return to power and glory. We need control over our country and not keep electing traitors! If you think we want nationalism, then go live under it in Europe, Northern countries, other places in the world. We have given nationalism a new and far better meaning – it means OUR Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and above all our freedoms. The rest of the world sees us as patsies and money to take care of their lack of governance and a free world. Go live under those laws and then get back to us. These countries will continue to trade with us but now on our terms and we can get back to Made in the USA again with real quality that they loved as well as did we. We are tired of the DNC, socialists and communists who want America to be a communist country and part of the NWO. Well we will not let that happen. Makes me wonder if you are even an American!


  12. H. alex Huskey says:

    America needs a forceful populist (thanks Rosech) to rebuild our righteous nationalism. It will look extreme at first as NPR and PBS gag on politically incorrect actions but Americans will stop listening to them. Martin, this is no time to get wobbly! That was Thatcher’s sage advice to who ended up being our Globalist In Chief, but it’s still valid now. Let’s stop quoting David Ricardo and acting like patriots want tariffs and no more imports. We want tariffs to pay for adequate inspection of dangerous Chinese foods, and to stop importing oil from enemies because our dollars are bankrolling jihad! We need Fair Trade, not the “free trade” that has our manufacturers competing with foreign subsidized or gov’t owned aircraft and car makers, and shipbuilders. Martin’s list of Ricardian factors doesn’t even mention political and religious factors affecting trade, yet they’re relevant today.


  13. Peter says:

    How can you write this with a straight face:
    “They also object to the decline in living standards brought about by globalization – a product of free trade that’s been exacerbated by ultra-low interest rates and excess regulation.”
    A decline in living standards attributable to globalization is verifiably and objectively incorrect. On the contrary! Get your facts straight buddy


  14. Andrea says:

    “It also means avoiding new and expensive regulations in the name of long-distance and uncertain chimeras like “climate change”
    That remark is so ignorant and stupid I had to stop reading the article.


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