Funny Money Is Death to Income Investors

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  1. RogerD says:

    Other than short forays to take advantage of overbought or oversold markets, I don’t know why people would have money in the stock market or in bonds. With these monetary policies in place cash is the best position to be in. Why risk huge capital losses for 1 or 2% interest when after crash you can buy in at 50% compared to today’s valuations? It could be another year away before using my cash, but sitting with a lot of dry powder is the most comforting position to be in right now.


  2. marvin says:

    SO, are both parties fighting to keep Mr. Trump out of office because they are afraid that he can fix the problems they have caused with the economy, or are they fighting him so that “we the people” will put him in office and they will have a fall guy when every thing does go south?


  3. Jacob Samorodin says:

    First, let’s examine the so-called ‘secret’ attitudes & agenda that Russian & Chinese business and government authorities have towards the USA. In brief, both China & Russia want to see the US economy brought to its knees eventually; and those in the money and power in both Russia & China want to cash in when it happens. Do they want to see the US dollar reduced in value until it is almost worthless?
    As part of their long-term crypto-strategy? Yes! …But China in particular wants to maintain flow of its manufactured goods to markets in general, so they obviously have NEW markets in mind in the near future that don’t involve the USA, & that will push aside and dramatically reduce America’s major role as a manufactured goods importer of Chinese products. So where will China send the lion’s share of its manufactured goods in the future? Europe? South America? African countries? Arab nations? SE Asia? Australia? I think a combination of these by strategy to reduce America to a Third World Country. China wants to become the new Super Power in the world with the help of Russia who will strike a deal with China for a quid pro quo deal involving Russia providing raw materials to China in exchange for Russia & China gaining a stranglehold on the world economy. America is in deep trouble; it is on the edge of an economic cliff.


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