Don’t Be Fooled by the Short Squeeze

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  1. anchorman says:

    A question, if I may;
    Do you see this (your article) spreading amongst most if not all, the other stock markets – say, Japans?
    If so, how long will it continue, and what, do you think, will be the cause, and the outcome?
    I’m not a “stock” person. I’m just curious because of what I see in the “world” situation.
    I’d like to hear, or read, your thoughts.
    Thank you.
    Charlie McFarlan


  2. Roy says:

    I thought that was a brilliantly worded editorial. It really put things in perspective especially the reference to KBIOS. Excellent example. When a stock jumps for no reason and is a stressed company, I will keep this in mind. Thanks.


  3. dbtheonly says:

    How does your argument work with LINN and CRC when the short interest is about 2%? Doesn’t strike me there’s enough short interest to run a bubble.


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