Trump on Trade

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  1. DustyFae says:

    I rather pay a higher price for USA-made than to have their trash of criminals and terrorists. And I see we ship our things there and we buy it back from them at a higher cost. Bull. Trump wants equal, fair deals. The other nations don’t buy our things because of GMO and we buy food from them that may or may not be fit for hogs.


  2. Michael H. says:

    Cheaper products are not necessarily beneficial in that quality is usually sacrificed to lower costs. Lower profits dissuade investment, while higher prices and profits give incentive to innovation and quality production. The battle between consumer need and manufacture’s cost considerations mediates the price/profit investment (growth) of a consumer driven economy. So, cheaper products are not an incentive to growth, quality is. Appropriate tariffs can push quality up that benefit all globally. The incentive to “do better” resides in wanting the best, not the least. Providing cheaper products in the long run stifles growth and consumption.


  3. Gautam S Banerjee says:

    The trade barriers as an idea is not at a good one because free trade is. America need not be worried about jobs going away to other counties or cheap goods entering the U.S. from other countries, because in the long run the people will be benefited with goods and services at world market price. If America puts up trade barriers other countries will also stop American goods from coming to their country. Apple phones will not be allowed in China or India and even Japan. What will happen to those great American companies, which have an international market? With a strong economy and with international companies, America should be the leader in free trade and the whole world would benefit from this simple policy.


  4. Arizona Don says:

    The up coming election is the fork in the road if we make the wrong turn it will lead to a dead end and we go off the cliff.

    No current candidate has the financial knowledge of Donald Trump. So if we are headed for another financial crash similar to 2008, 2009 he can, I suspect, do the best job getting America through it. No more bail outs as we had under Bush and Obama. Do not throw away free enterprise for socialism that will eventually destroy free enterprise and perhaps our constitution itself. Under Obama we have not totally recovered from the 2008 & 9 recession. With that in mind, what is coming up may not be as bad as before. America however, is chomping on the bit to get going on a real recovery and if the next president gets the government off businesses back it will no doubt be Great Again! There is no better system then free enterprise to do just that!

    No one ever said a president had to know everything there is to know about running a nation as large and complex as the United States of America. No one man can. But he must surround himself with those who do. Declaring his knowledge about trade may send America into a trade war is ridiculous, at least. Obama has not done that. He has surrounded with those of identical ideology and that cannot succeed. It is no accident he has so many Muslims within his advisers.

    This free trade deal we now have and have had for decades (NAFTA) is in essence subsidizing those nations that we have a trade imbalance with. China happens to be over half a trillion dollars each year and Mexico 58 billion. Who pays that? The American tax payer. But why does it even happen?

    Consequently, some may see Trump’s approach toward trade as trouble, but we already have trouble. What we have to do is fix that problem. Is it better to not have trade or to lose nearly a trillion each year.

    What percentage of the population knows the crises coming if not in 16 very soon? Like it or not Obama has transformed this once great nation. Without Donald Trump we are history, but no one wants to look at reality. These socialists who refer to themselves as progressive democrats have the same goal as Obama: fundamental transformation. Elect Hillary or Bernie and we are done. Of course the next question is who thinks the democrats will not sue either Cruz or Rubio claiming ineligibly if either or both are the nominee and VP? Knowing the attitude of the courts after eight years of Obama who thinks the same result that happened regarding Obama’s eligibility will prevail with Cruz and Rubio? I do not!

    Those who cannot see that are ignorant or stupid take your pick.

    What I see happening to America now is devastating. Neither Rubio or Cruz have the nations welfare in mind or they would get together and have a majority to put Donald in second place. I think however, both parties think or know there is a problem if either is nominated. If Ted had taken Donald’s advice and gotten a judicial opinion on this citizen statue I believe Donald would have asked him to be VP and the in fighting now going on would not be happening. Anyone using their head knows like Bush 41 Cruz would be president after eight years of VP if he wanted it. That could have put conservatives in office for 16 years much more time then needing to put America back together again.


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