Meet Your New Weatherman: IBM’s Watson

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  1. Marguerite Cottenot says:

    Hi Greg Miller,
    It was great reading about IBM, The Watson computer and the purchase of The Weather Center. Imagine when people will visit other planets with huge weatherstorms, like the one on Jupiter. They must prepare with even more sophisticated computers.
    Happy Year of the Monkey!


  2. RD says:

    Perhaps now we can get a real answer on the issue of global warming.


  3. John says:

    Re: the ‘Global Warming’ comment – how far back can we have the ‘history’? Al Gore was talking ‘Global Warming’ while I was watching the Discovery Channel showing the re-emergence of Viking foundations on Greenland and Iceland in the 1980’s. Weather can be just a longer cycle than the fearful understand. Can the ‘history’ validate the claims (of ‘Global Warming’)?


  4. keith says:

    Backyard stations are totally innacurate. People put them on the aide of their house, under trees and other places that don’t capture accurate information. Additionally, computers have viruses and issues so I won’t be relying on “Watson” for this. Love how they are trying to humanize a computer. I’ll be sticking with WeatherBug which operates the worlds largest pro grade station and lightning sensor network.


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