Legit Investment… or a Ponzi Scheme?

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  1. ProfRGP says:

    Very informative (e.g., on MLPs) and well written. Thank you.


  2. GJ says:

    What do you think of Commercial Mortgages where your security is in the 1st position lien on a commercial property? The promised returns are not extraordinary. Do you think it fairly safe? or Ponzi?


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, we are unable to provide personalized investment advice.


  3. Karl H says:

    Thanks for the background Martin.

    So the market really is a gamble with only an apparently legitimate auditor being the guardian of investor faith?
    So any yield over a minuscule 2% could be suspect?

    Time to start charging relatives interest on loans.


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