A Chance for Mike Bloomberg

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  1. grover says:

    this man will surely take this country down, he is a non constutional pig!no more big sodas,no more smokeing,no more 2nd admentment,no more fatty food, no more sweets, just like the idiot we have now ,with allthese dems,we are all doomed!


  2. spike says:

    Mr. Hutchins clearly has no idea of the degree to which Bloomberg is disliked. He is not respected by black voters and whites outside of the liberal elites think he is a joke. Hispanics ??? a split vote at best. He can’t outspend Trump and he can’t out promise Sanders or Clinton. He needs to protect his self image and go back into his fantasyland, pretending that someone out there, not on his payroll, likes him.


    Johnny Sacks Reply:


    Just one question on your diatribe, how can he not outspend Trump? His net worth is almost 9 times as much as Trump’s.

    My feelings on his potential White House run aside, I don’t know the correlation between Trump’s spend and Bloomberg’s ability to spend.


  3. ernaldo says:

    Bloomberg? A slim chance? How about NO chance, but jump in dolt!


  4. Harley says:

    sure, vote for mike, we don’t need no stinkin’ 2nd Amendment!


  5. Peter says:

    I think that out of the gate, there would be 5 million or more votes against Bloomberg from the NRA membership alone. Additionally, there would be the anti vote from companies and industries that he has done his best to crush. Truly, Arrogance is his middle name.


  6. mary says:

    I looooove TRUMP


  7. Arschloch says:

    This punk is a ‘Bloomin idiot’. He knows less than a dead cat, and smells worse. He should move to Somalia and join his equals. If he really wished to help he should take ‘Hillary the Mouth’ and ‘Trump the Rump’ with him; none should ever return to the U.S.


  8. Kafantaris says:

    America was not ready for a two-term black president, and the current political landscape is a result of that.  And it is becoming increasingly clear that America is not ready for a woman president, either. 


  9. Rick says:

    Martin, you must be smoking crack to even remotely think that Bloomberg would have any chance at being competitive in the upcoming election. I hope he does decide to run and puts at least a $1B into it. He is way too rich and this comedy of errors would put a dent in the old net worth.


  10. Ed says:

    Bloomberg? Give me a break. Although he was 100 times better than DeBlasio he is no answer to the problems created by Obozo. He, like Hillary, would be the return of Obozo and the death of America.


  11. Jennifer says:

    Bloomberg is a smart guy who did a great job as mayor. His problem is that he’s a smart New Yorker. That scares people – especially those who watch FOX. The electorate doesn’t want to get to know him so he has no chance in my opinion.

    For those who think we need a businessman rather than a politician, Bloomberg would be perfect. He’s much smarter and more capable than Trump.


  12. William Albus says:

    Rich and powerful people such as Mr. Bloombery tend to want people to see things their way. After all look how successful the man is. People today have been educated into a society where there are too many entitlements. No wonder most people don`t sit well with logic.


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