Puerto Rico Cries Wolf (Again)

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  1. Gary McKeighen says:

    Luis Fortuño was Puerto Rico’s last hope. When his term as Governor ended, so did any chance of rescuing Puerto Rico. The unions did not want to give up anything to help the economy of Puerto Rico, and the populace followed them blindly. It would be better now to pull the plug, rather than continuing to sink money into this cesspool.


  2. usathoughts says:

    My experience with Latinos, including my wife, on both a personal and business level clearly shows the payment of taxes is considered a Mortal Sin.

    What we consider corruption proves to be common practice in Spanish speaking Nations.

    Any Puerto Rico bailout can only result in the theft of American Tax Payer money.



    I see that you did not use your real name in your comments. I’m sure your wife would kick your butt if she found out. I guess you are living in a fantasy world, there are no corrupt politicians anywhere in the U.S. The U.S. has 18 trillion dollars in debt that will never be able to pay either. Puerto Rico’s economy went down the drain over 20 yrs ago when American industry abandoned the island when their tax subsidies ran out and ran to Mexico and China looking for cheap labor. Now our American Dollars are going to run to Cuba where a communist corrupt government is going to benefit. Puerto Ricans are US citizens and should be treated the same as any other U.S. citizens and offered the same protections. We bailed out American banks, GM and Chrysler in the past. Why not 3.5 million citizens of the United States.


    Winter Rosefeld Reply:

    Thank you for being reasonable. No one likes to remember the bank bail outs.


  3. Michael Clancy says:

    It’ s really very simple: Allow PR to default, and then reset. Sometime’s the lessons learned hardest stick around the longest. Lesson: You can’t borrow money that you have no ability to repay, and if you do, you will eventually be brought to task for that mistake.

    It’s time to face up to this mistake. You’ve not longer run out of cans to kick, you’ve run out of road to kick them down.


    boboguard Reply:

    So if they default and can’t pay cops, firefighters, and close the schools, will you be cool with that?


  4. Dale DuBois says:

    I think the only thing Puerto Rico can do is to file bankruptcy and sell off all of the Puerto Rican businesses to private enterprise. It’s been proven that the Government can’t be in charge of any type of business anywhere and in the end the outgo exceeds the intake. This always happens and is now happening in the United States mainland, in States like California and others. I live in Indiana, and Indiana is in the black due to the last 2 Governors who were business people before they were Governors and the Democrats hate them because we are living within our means.


    Juan Two Three Reply:

    Good post Dale: I haven’t been following any particular political landscape of Indiana (I live in Arizona). So who and what 2 prior Governors structured your state? Democrat or Republican? Who is Governor now and what party? I know I could google it but I figure you have the answers right at your finger tips.

    It’s great to finally read some positive news about a state and it sounds like, from what you say, Indiana should get a ‘Gold Star!’

    Thanks Dale. Appreciate the feedback.


    Ben Cataquet Sr. Reply:

    I’m Puerto Rican. Sad, but I have to agree 100% with all did you just had said. Like someone else commented Luis Fortuno was Puerto Rico’s last hope. Now the only thing that will save the island is file for bankruptcy, and sell off all their businesses under their control to private enterprises.


  5. Tony Armagno says:

    It is interesting that the Democrats now favor chapter 9 bankruptcy for Puerto Rico, but not a peep when Obama performed special favors to prevent bankruptcy for GM. Must be no unions to suck up to in PR.


  6. JAY LYNCH says:

    We just moved to Florida after 28 yrs,watching the debt grow and the ‘buzz’ on the street was/is..”oh, it will be ok soon, like always” The “Titanic that’s Puerto Rico” has been sinking for 70+ years.
    Your artical is right on…We’ll watch the fiscal water fill the Lido Deck.


  7. Adel Antado says:

    Until PR can be self sufficient in production of goods and services, it will continue to be a dependent entity requiring subsidies through freebees, gifts, and in this case creditors’ discounts. So, get out the sissors, a haircut is about to begin unless you wish to make greedy investors who sought to avoid federal and state taxes, whole by US taxpayers.


  8. Mechelle Terry says:

    How many times has Puerto Rico declined statehood? They want all the rights of a state without being one. PR is one of the largest receivers of welfare benefits from the USA if not the largest….There are hard consequences to choices. NO bailouts!!


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