The Uptrend Is Still Intact

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  1. Marguerite Cottenot says:

    Dear Jonathan Rodriguez,
    It seems to me that you financial people must be walking all day long with a ruler in your hands. As to me, all I can see is the bottom lines are going upward and the top lines are going downwards. I suppose at the meeting point the system is reversed. Why you trace parallel lines at the Fibonacci serial points is an enigma to me. Theoretically lines could also go upwards or downwards from the Fibonacci points.
    Wishing you a nice day,
    Marguerite Cottenot


    Thomas Degenstein Garcia Reply:

    Marguerite, you have made a very good point and it is the best. I see the same great recession has never actually left ourselves, and this appears to be the third wave of a downtrend which began in 2001.


  2. Antonio says:

    Job than , I been getting this wall street letter for quite sometime. To be honest I jus ignored it, until after the market closed today. I didn’t anticipate the rally Toda, but you did. I’m also a technical trader, and I get the fib , retracement levels. Which gave me confirmation in what you were seeing, because I’ve already seen the same charts. Bulls were in control today all the way. I’m long spxs, tvix. I been using market pops to buy 3x leveraging positions.


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