The Most Expensive Beer Ever

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  1. preston says:

    Its too bad the corporate “heads” in Bud don’t realize the product they sell is… umm… terrible. Any true beer consumers have their favorite local craft beer maker and that is growing faster than they think. They may have a good stock price but that’s about it. The beer sucks, and you can’t win with a crappy product.


  2. Jungle Cogs says:

    I have always preferred a local (craft) beer. 40 years ago, I lived next to one and the owner told us boys to come over to the garage and drink for free (guess he figured it was cheap advertising).

    I still drink a local beer. It tends to be fresher, costs less (no travel expense) and has that ‘old world’ flavor. The big guys have their market and many people are happy with their product. I would not drink it unless it was the last beer standing!


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