RoboRace: The World’s First Car Race With No Humans

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  1. Surud Patel says:

    Well, I think the audience will be the robotic work force in our industries. This is entertainment for the non-human creations of mankind.


  2. Gerald says:

    This could not have been thought out too much. You need a person as a winner. With human drivers willing to push the limits, that’s what makes it interesting.


  3. WhiteFalcon says:

    Without drivers race cars are uninteresting.


  4. Russ Newell says:

    We already have seen what Battlebots has brought us… It’s fun and games for dweebs.


  5. Rich Tweedle says:

    You have GOT to be kidding! Autonomous racing? You need to dial in “framminl and bammin'” or these cars will gridlock just because they’re close to each other.
    I won’t be a spectator nor a fan.


  6. JaBrainBox says:

    We have to start sometime and somewhere, don’t we? I think it is great that ideas like these can be realized.

    It will be more interesting to watch if they can be programmed to do truly impressive driving maneuvers. Hopefully when these race cars reach the track they are there to race, and not play who is better at avoiding obstacles in their path.

    Looking forward to the first race!


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