A Year of Great Political Risk

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  1. PeterW says:

    Gov’ts and People fail to realize we are living in an non-linear world, thus chaos is required to return stability to our ship.

    Man was structurally designed to respond to nature when that structure is pressed – only chaos will right the ship.


  2. Lynn Verkler says:

    People should be listening more to Republican candidate and governor of Ohio John Kasich. Along with a proven record of balancing the budget he looks at issues reasonably and would most likely be the one to work in a bipartisan manner to actually solve problems, rather than just talking about them.


  3. Bill Walsh says:

    At this point, we have but a single-minded anxiety. Hillary Clinton should not be elected President. After two disastrous terms of Obama, the election of Hillary would be like changing engineers on the down-bound train to destruction. The Democrats are clever. Their faux-debates are predetermined to nominate Hillary. The Republicans are not so clever. Their debates resemble circular firing squads. By the time the nominee is determined he or she will be on the political equivalent of life-support. I wish I could be more optimistic, but I think this is a job for Saint Jude.


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