Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

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  1. T.J.Wolner says:

    This is not a remedy, rather a break-even-fix-for-profiteers. It will not lower the appalling present level of atmospheric CO2 by the two/thirds, and more, science has proven to be the minimum required for the continuance of the biome which sustains us.

    As a Biology major and erstwhile farmer, I have observed the gradual changing; with majors in Political science and Social sciences, I fear that “humanity” will be unable to make any sacrifices.


  2. Jacques Bakke says:

    The “appalling present level” of our “life’s basic building block”—CO2, is about 400 ppm world wide. It should be much higher – at least 3 times that – for better plant growth. Yes, it is “appalling” that it is so low. And even more appalling that the “tax and spenders” want now to burn it up to further curtail our need to release that which is sequestered and will help us all to better survive. We desperately need to burn more coal rather than burn the forests.


  3. Jerry says:

    These capture plants simply can make capture devices that adhere to CO2 producers factories. They reclaim and sell it. As for as more CO2, that’s mother nature but I do not necessarily disagree. However, animal live would change as well. Over the next several thousands of years we will be there again.


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