Mobile Payment Technology Set for Liftoff

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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for pointing out how slowly the approval process moves along when we pay with a EMV card that has a chip, and that this coincides with NFC’s play on dominating the market.

    There’s an incredibly annoying, terminator style ‘warning’ bell sound when those 15 seconds are done processing on a Verifone terminal. It screams “warning take your card” — but shouldn’t I be happy I just bought something?? You would think that like every other single form of effective marketing, this would be the case if they wanted us happy with the continued use of the service.

    There’s probably a psychology behind this terminator sound, too. More attention needs to be brought to this topic (among many other marketing techniques) Putting all our finances in the cloud is just too much data for big data. We shouldn’t marketed and manipulated into how we handle our money.


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