The Consequences of Europe’s Nationalism Trend

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  1. MalcolmX says:

    THE COMING INSURRECTION; Authored by the cowardly “invisible committee” [2008]; Europe is becoming the same mess it was in the 1930’s. History repeats itself when idiots fail to learn from it the first time.


  2. Dan Rowe says:

    So, traditional religious beliefs are now of the “dust of history?” Seems to me that since progressives have taken over with their non-religious views, the world has gone into total chaos. Maybe it’s time for this liberal crap to be viewed as outdated and dangerous to this world, especially since it see’s anyone who disagrees with it as dangerous.


  3. Martin Hutchinson says:

    While not religious I’m very much not a “dust of history” believer; I think traditional religions are very helpful for a huge number of people.


  4. Allen Hill says:

    Free trade, open borders, globalist owned central banks communism, socialism and fascism are all part of the interim goals of the Globalists. For the blue collar workers, the unskilled, and most of the production workers what could be worse than competing with the cheapest workers in the plan and ultimately the cheapest workers in the world. Those results create mega problems for those countries involved. These problems greatly damage those nations and everyone pays the price!


  5. Tim tompson says:

    “In general, the nationalist parties aren’t economically literate, and if implemented, their policies would damage their economies as well as those of their neighbours.” The German people under the Nazis went from poverty and social deprivation to having one of the most productive economies of its time! Outdoing America, who was drowning in the Great Depression… And they did it in under a decade! Can you name any other political movement that has ever achieved such an economic recovery in such a short space of time?


  6. jojo says:

    Quick! bomb those pesky europeans for DARING to interfere with Murica’s interests! Enslave the population, steal the inventions for “payment” and fill their lands with foreign immigrants!


  7. Kevin Brooks says:

    Develop a strong cashless central banking system for the country


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