Dividend Death Watch Update

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  1. Marguerite Cottenot says:

    Hi Alan Gula,
    That was a most unsusual article and very interesting even though sad. But where do all the dead companies end up? At the time of revolution in France when cemeteries were cleared out, nobody knew where the skeletons and bodies ended up. The head of King Henry 4th was found here in Angers about three years ago at the home of an auctioneer.
    Wishing you a nice day.


  2. William Kandravi says:

    This is a Great Way for the Energy Companies to sue the USA when the FEDS don’t bail them out like all the mortgage scams. Just blowing smoke, but it certainly is funny that the Obama /Buffet Railroads scam to haul oil instead of pipelines has killed many a person financially and literally. This would have been a Bonanza if this whole export process would have been a priority and this glut would be a financial game break. Now the over supply, the loss of nearly every little penny that this would have created is in the wind. The whole part is that all could have been avoided with so much for all to benefit financially, and even the environment would have been advanced. Now the Democratic Socialization helps destroy the lives of so many while expediting the downfall of so many so quickly. Yes, bring in the Syrians and tear down the 10 Commandments.
    So sorry for the truth of just one persons outlook, but many things could have been done. Being politically correct as some of the heads full of stale air at colleges, top professors only contaminate the dreams of so many! Plus, we have a President who could be one of those professors with a degree certificate from a box of Cracker Jacks that was distributed by the Supreme IATOLA HARRY REID! Just having fun, but it really hurts when all that has been said is jokingly true!


  3. John P says:

    But final demand is still good and so are pipeline volumes, no? So what is wrong with midstream as opposed to upstream like LGCY??


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