Recharge Your Portfolio

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  1. Mr Frog says:

    There must be such a thing as solar powered household battery chargers. If not, there should be.


  2. henry says:

    I wonder why nobody resurrects the Ruthenberg tower for storage. This was invented in the 1920’s to solve the problem of the city of Berlin which had not enough energy during to day and too much idle capacity during the night. So the night energy was used to generate super-heated steam which was stored in these insulated towers and the steam was used during the day to produce additional energy without the cost of new coal-fired generating plants.


  3. Marguerite Cottenot says:

    Energy storage is becoming one of the biggest issues for the future, what with all the increases in world population. Mr. Frog is right to hope for some solar powered chargers (and batteries?) to come into existence. Other technology will have to be created, as some chemical elements could become rare.


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