LiFi Technology Set to Replace Wi-Fi?

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  1. Ernie says:

    Why talk about it if it would not be probable for consumer use at home? This is ridiculous!


  2. Ronnie strapp says:

    So… Another charge to be added to already sky high cable bill… So… We’ll need both? Lifi and wifi? Don’t see the advantage where it only works in room it’s in… let us consumers know when they work out the kinks… to OUR advantage.


  3. H Stewart says:

    Why not just use fiber optics ?
    Transmitting light point to point seems like the world’s worst headache.
    No possibility of using it outdoors.
    Absolutely not kidproof.
    A waste of time and money to develop.


  4. Monica Shelly says:

    Yeah, it has found several drawbacks. Like it can’t pass the internet through a wall. It always needs a LED bulb even on day time. Means no horror movie will be seen in a dark room. The LED needs to be compatible with the LiFi adapter. Also, there exist some issue which is described in this article I shared with you.


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