Around the World in Four Hours?

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  1. Chris P says:

    I wish Reaction Engines and their investors every success with this, but it’s going to require MANY multiples of the current investment to get a flying SABRE proof-of-concept vehicle, never mind the SKYLON. I hope they have learnt the lessons of the unsuccessful X-33/VentureStar programme of the late 1990’s.

    Here they tried to prove too many new technologies on one vehicle under an optimistic budget and a frankly unrealistic timescale. The result was cancellation very late in the X-33 tech demonstrator programme once the vehicle was almost 90% complete. Here’s an article about that project:


  2. Jim Bartholomew says:

    I have been reading about this engine for at least two years. Only in the last few months has a company name been mentioned, Reaction Engines. They say it will make any destination on the planet accessible in 4 hours or less. The first information I read on this, says this engine has an application for water desalinization. The motor goes from RAM to SCRAM in about 100th of a second. I certainly wish them success. And, as so much technology now days, this will lower future costs and increase capability. Of course, much work in still needed.


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