Mythbusting Smart Meters: The Pros and Cons

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  1. Carole Currier says:

    In my area, a usage chart that compares me with my neighbors is sent out. How can you compare the usage of a family of 3 or 4 with a family of one? It is a waste of money. Customer service is and has been terrible in my state. They always promise to improve but never do.


  2. Liam Mann says:

    There is a wealth of verifiable, scientific/research data on the problems of cell towers/cell phones and wind turbines on people and wildlife (“raptor cuisinart” for the bird kills as they are called in CA), but is ignored entirely here. The reasoning betrays a belief that all new technology is harmless, and public health concerns should be dismissed. There are dozens of products hyped as the next best thing to the wheel only pulled off the shelves later as dangerous and unfit for human use. Where are the impartial, non-industry studies showing smart meters are actually safe? Sorry, there are none.
    Smart meters can convey electrical appliance usage, when and which appliances are being used, for how long, and the manufacturers of these products have free access to this information. (Intruders/thieves can also access this also to determine your pattern of home usage – and when you will NOT be home.) Why? Marketing. Marketers can determine who is using what and target the consumer with info to promote their products. Sounds Orwellian, but it’s true. and entirely believable given today’s economic and security-risk-laden climate. There’s a lot more to deflate the claims of smart meters as innocuous and inherently suspicious.
    Smart meters can use fiberoptic cable options to transmit info anywhere, anytime, and it would be safer, non-risk, and secure. Instead, utilities are blasting this free-for-all info about everyone’s usage out onto the open airwaves for anyone to intercept and use. Shame on ConEd/LIP&L and the rest of them. There should be a law, and maybe one day there will be.

    “But even in areas where utilities have introduced time-of-day pricing, they haven’t shared the full benefits with homeowners. Why? Two reasons…”
    First, much of a utility’s costs lie not in producing or buying the power, but in the electricity grid that gets it to customers. That cost is more or less fixed and it’s higher for homes than for businesses per unit of power sold.”
    Why are residential users charged more than businesses? Lines run from suppliers to homes, and to businesses, all the same; while most businesses consume larger quantities of power. Yet no explanation. There is no justification for this.
    REJECT YOUR SMART METER. It will NOT lower your bill or save you money, it only opens up your home and your life to risks that have scandalously not been properly investigated.
    Big Brother (and Big Industry) is watching big time.


  3. Trebor says:

    Interesting responses to a top of mind issue. You however, have over looked and or failed to address the possibility that the trend torward conservation may well have a nefarious side – wherein the utility regulations may one day mandate that the meter simply shuts off the gas or electricity when your “quota” is reached for the month… I’m under the impression that showers are running cold in London where the Green Agenda is more advanced…


  4. Ronald Baptist says:

    I was going to comment but Liam Mann said it for me! Great and accurate comment sir!


    Liam Mann Reply:

    Thanks, just makes my blood boil all this blind inanity…!


  5. bill eich says:

    I think that these devices only help the Utility, who will of course save money by better predicting and meeting the demand. They should give me a discount to have one installed. I do not see how they save me anything and I am afraid of the marketing negative possibilities, such a selling to appliance manufacturers, home insulators, home invaders,and others who want to know more about me to target advertising. (which also can make money for the utility who will sell any and all information they have I a m sure).


  6. Adriaen says:

    SmartMeters are harmless to people? Nonsense! I visited my brother in another state recently. Unbeknownst to me, his entire neighborhood is “SmartMeter”-ed. I arrived late at night and had no idea. Every time I went outside, I felt dizzy and ill. When the sun came up in the morning, I was able to see the source of my problem. The meters were everywhere. I tried going for a walk-there was no place I could go for relief. Yet when we drove to other locations, I felt fine. Each time we returned to his home, I felt like I was going to die. I was so distressed by the experience that I did some research on the negative effects of these meters and wrote an article about it. Perhaps you should read it:


  7. M. Hertz says:

    German MDs:
    Exposure to RF Radiation is Making People SIck

    While here is America the use of wireless devices, especially among children, is on the rise and few family physicians are educated enough to correlate a patent’s exposure to EMF fields with an onset of illness, that is not the case in Germany.

    To date, over 2000 German Medical Doctors have signed what is known as the Freiburger Appeal. This Appeal was presented to the German government as a plea by physicians to urge Germany to enact stricter regulations when it comes to exposing the public to RF radiation.

    RF radiation, also known as wireless or microwave radiation, is emitted from cell phones, cordless phones using DECT technologly, cell towers and antennas, WiFi, wireless security systems, all bluetooth technology, GPS Tracking devices, Smart Meters, wireless fences and microwave ovens.In today’s high-tech world, you would be hard-pressed to find an adult, or for that matter a child, who is not using an RF radiation emitting device on a daily basis.

    In their medical practice, these 2000 German Physicians have observed a correlation between a patient’s exposure to RF radiation and their state of health.

    “We have observed in recent years, a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases among our patients, especially:

    learning, concentration and behavioral disorders (such as Attention Deficit Disorder.ADD)
    extreme fluctuations in blood pressure (even harder to influence with medications)
    heart rhythm disorders
    heart attacks and strokes among an increasingly younger population
    brain-degenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s) and epilepsy
    cancerous afflictions: leukemia, brain tumors, etc.”

    The Physician’s Appeal continues:

    “Moreover, we have observed an ever increasing occurrence of various disorders, often misdiagnosed in patient’s as psychosomatic:

    headaches, migraines
    chronic exhaustion
    inner agitation
    sleeplessness, daytime sleepiness
    susceptibility to infection
    nervous and connective tissue pains”

    The MD’s go on to explain that investigation into the lifestyle/environment of their patient’s experiencing these sudden health conditions invariably reveals a new technological addition to the home or the neighboring environment that has put the patient in a position to be continually exposed to concentrated levels of radiation, In several instances, removal of the source of the radiation, has caused a cessation of the disease process and/or a lessening of symptoms.

    The technologies the MD’s cite as being the culprits behind the dramatic rise in patient illness are cell phones, cordless phones using DECT technology, cell towers and WiFi. They urge their country of Germany to enact stricter regulations on all forms of mobile communication and they recommend their patient’s resort back to using wired communications.



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