Renewable Energy Faces Power Problems

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  1. Joel Dyer says:

    Mr. Maverick,

    Two points about the article.

    First, you said Clean Line builds transmission lines. That is incorrect. Clean Line has never built or supervised the building of a transmission line. Never. Not one foot of transmission line. Despite that, Clean Line has five projects consisting of thousands of miles of lines on the drawing board. That alone should raise red flags about this wannabe merchant transmission company.

    Second, the issue of NIMBYism. Clean Line wants the federal Department of Energy to use its power of federal eminent domain to seize property for the private enrichment of the Clean Line investors. The route avoids all federal lands. In my case, the transmission line veers out of its path and crosses my farm. Almost literally across my back yard. Why does the line change direction to cross my property? To avoid a parcel of federally owned land.

    Boys and girls, can you say years of costly litigation? Followed by numerous Cliven Bundy type standoffs?


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