Political Heat, Economic Chill

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  1. Brian K says:

    Not convinced global warming is ‘man made’ and therefore man can fix or reverse any warming that may be happening or ‘might’ happen. Until someone can explain why the mini ice age of 10,000 years ago came and went, well before man and evil carbon fuels were in heavy use, then this speculation that man is causing or can stop the planet’s natural ecosystem from normal cooling or warming cycles is arrogant, including keeping underdeveloped areas underdeveloped because they aren’t allowed to use the energy that is known to work. Yes, as you say, someday there will an alternative, but for now use what is fairly inexpensive and plentiful.


    janmaus Reply:

    I’m even more interested in the rationale for the warming that occurred during the Viking era about 1K years ago and other phenomena including the cold spell in the early 19th century supposedly produced by a volcanic eruption. I’m not discarding the idea that we ought to be conserving energy and limiting pollutants, but I’m unconvinced that we can do much of anything to limit the effects of man on our planet short of addressing the population problem. Amazing that not any of our politicians want to touch that! Even if we do, there are issues condrning both our sun and solar system–the long term trend for our planet is cooling, and the long term issues with our sun are still barely explored, let alone understood. Spending billions of dollars that will end up in the pockets of world wide political cronies fail to impress me as a viable direction for progress.


  2. WhiteFalcon says:

    The Useless Nations are exactly that, useless. I know what global warming comes from and it is not from SUVs. It comes from all the hot air put out by all the lying politicians of the world. Global warming is a total and complete fraud, and that totally sums it up.


  3. John in Black Hawk says:

    I usually enjoy Martin’s writings…until this column. Carbon tax is how the political elite and power brokers will maintain their wealth while those suckered into such a scheme will continue the downward spiral into a third-world version of America. Ask yourself this, “Why was the term ‘Global Warming’ changed to, ‘Climate Change’?” It feeds the ‘normalcy bias’ and fuels the frenzy brought on by the pseudo science of global destruction. Here’s the real problem with all of this – why should the USA shoulder the burden? How many countries plan on joining the fight against climate change? Very few. Who really benefits from the payment of “carbon taxes”? Maybe the UN and people like Al man-bear-pig Gore! Carbon taxes are little more than one of the many ongoing schemes to redistribute wealth and level the playing field on a global basis. I would urge Martin and anyone else to research UN Agenda 21 and the new version called UN Agenda 2030. Climate Change is a scam! Carbon Tax will do nothing but make 3rd-world nations of all of us. I’m no tree-hugger, but I do believe in responsible environmental behavior. Take a closer look at what the EPA and other alphabet governmental agencies are doing to stifle the energy sector – coal is a good example. It seems more and more government overreach will be fueled by so called, Climate Change… It’s little more than a license to steal.


  4. Martin Hutchinson says:

    The mechanism by which carbon dioxide heats the atmosphere is fairly well established, but we don’t know the extent of it or the offsetting factors, so whether the current warming is man-made is, I agree not quite established. But we can be sure just from current and recent trends that the extreme predictions (above 2 degrees Celsius by 2100) are hogwash. So the extreme solutions are equally hogwash.


  5. Jan Freed says:

    Certainly we should consult the experts. We don’t go to armchair scientists for their views on Ebola before we act, do we?

    Paid deniers would still be in scoff mode even if FL went under the seas.

    If carbon fees are rebated to the public the economy grows jobs and GDP. This is how BC, Canada, lowered both emissions and personal taxes, with the fees.

    Citibank estimates delay in action on emissions to cost the world $44 trillion. Oh, and yeah, the possibility of a sixth extinction is real, say the experts.


  6. Tom P says:

    One world government in what the UN is ultimately after. It is well known that the sun is the main driver of weather in the world. Scientists from highly educated countries have even been caught altering temperature data to show warming, when in fact the opposite is true – temperatures have been decreasing. Scientists have changed from global warming to climate change because there is no warming, and the climate is in a constant change. (check out icr.org under resources)


  7. Larry D says:

    If you really wish to learn about man-made droughts go to GeoEngineeringWatch.com or California Skywatch. We all are being sprayed with chemicals to control weather patterns. Decimating our ecosystems worldwide.


  8. Mike says:

    Man-made climate change is the biggest fraud in a generation. Let’s not forget, in the mid-1970’s the environmental alarmists had everyone all wound up about global COOLING, and the possible onset of another Ice Age. According to the fossil record, 25 million years ago, the planet was FAR warmer than it is now. As BrianK noted, there were no SUVs back then.
    As for your advocacy of a carbon tax: A “modest” tax, to “reduce other taxes???” is either naïve or deluded. A modest tax, once introduced, can easily be raised. And, it will be in addition to all the other taxes that we pay now.
    No way do we need to give more bureaucrats more money and power, in pursuit of a solution that may not work, to a problem that may not exist.


  9. wally M says:

    I agree with Brian K. Human burning of fossil fuels and the resulting increases of CO2 into the atmosphere has not been proven. Ample proof has been shown in the last 17 years and counting that while CO2 increased, there has not been any warming while the climate models stated that warming would increase. The models are flawed and have failed to predict with any accuracy that the temperatures would rise to the level predicted when temperatures were rising. The earth’s temperature has been rising since the ice age with cycles of cooling and warming mixed into that span of time. The climate scientists say that no warming occurred for the last 2000 years and the warming has only been increasing in the last 150 years. That also is false.
    The Tornio River in Finland sheds observational evidence of the true climate changes. This river has been monitored and data collected for the earliest ice break up every year from 1693 to 2000. The graph furnished of this shows that the temperature of the northern hemisphere has been warming on average for the last 307 years. The climate scientists attempt to state that this warming is proof that CO2 is the cause. If that is true then the rate of change for warming should show increased warming for the industrial era of 1940 to the present. However, the slope of the graph doesn’t change. It is a straight line. There is no inverted “Hockey Stick”. NONE. This evidence proves that CO2 is not the driver of warming. Instead, natural forces influenced by sun and solar activity are the main drivers of warming the earth.
    This observational evidence also means that the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere will do nothing to reduce the natural temperature rise by any significant amount. It also means that taxing the emissions of CO2 will simply make the UN a stronger governing body in the world and will reduce the power of industrialized nations which is their plan. Taxing CO2 also means that the poor will remain poor while the poor nations, politicians and connected individuals involved with green energies will become richer and more powerful. The IPCC and many scientists know that CO2 has not been proven but these entities ignore that evidence and have made the issue a political one and no longer a scientific one.


  10. Peter Charles says:

    The climate is not driven by CO2. It is driven by variations in the Sun’s output and the shape of Earth’s orbit as affected by the gravity of the other planet in this solar system. There will be no ocean rise because of human causes. The Earth has been locked in a cycle of glaciers a far south as NYC to current warm period in which all that ice has melted and is back in the oceans, causing a rise of about 350 feet. There is little to suggest that there is any more ice likely to melt that will affect the sea levels to an amount worth mentioning. The Earth is near or at its’ highest warmth right now. Sometime in the next 2,000 years, the Earth will start to cool and we will slip into another 100,000 years NYC will once more be under a glacier… Carbon is not and cannot be the cause. There is nothing we can do about it except to adapt.


  11. Bill Simpsom says:

    One wonders why there isn’t more notoriety re: the report I’ve seen of world volcanic activity. It claims that a volcano eruption, as the Iceland one in the recent past, emitted more pollutants, the elements of global warming, in one day than man had done in the past year. And it is said, multiple eruptions, most small, occur regularly. Add unregulated Chinese and Russian emissions to natural ones, and it seems, we can follow the “cc” money – and nature, to find climate changing sources. If Hawaii decides to blow its’ top again and, say, a South Pacific mountain in the same day, our cc efforts for the last 20 years would be cancelled…


  12. Kevin Beck says:

    About the idea that “global warming” will increase sea water levels: When was the last time you melted ice and got an increase in the volume of water?

    It should be important to note that in relation to the amount of ice floating on oceans, there is five times that volume that is already under the water’s surface. And if/when that ice melts, it will not increase the sea level at all!


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