One Giant “Leap” Toward Profits

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  1. Marguerite Cottenot says:

    Hi Jonathan
    What you say is very logical, especially about the difference in dropsize of shares and options which never occured to my superintelligent neurones before.
    The more one reads about options, the more facts one gets to have an overview of this brilliant system.

    Marguerite Cottenot


  2. Larry f. Rees says:

    I’m new and investing on a real small scale and have only $2,000. in my account with more in the future going in. Is there anything I could be buying at this time for a small profit to keep up with my cost of $199 a month? Thank You!! Larry Rees


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Hello and thank you for reading! We have a variety of subscription services that may fit your investment needs. Please contact our customer service team at 855.405.3939 or 443.353.4052 or click the link below to assist in finding what works best for you.


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