Opportunity Arises From New U.S. Rail Safety Order

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  1. richard klotz says:

    Don’t stop trains – just put a slow order on all until they comply.


  2. John K. Hunka says:

    Airports in United States are operating at full capacity. The development of a national high-speed rail network similar to the TGV in France is needed to keep America competitive. Amtrak should lease or privatize the transcontinental stretches of the rail network to airline companies. This would be an excellent way for transportation companies to diversify, improve our national rail network, and relieve congestion at airports. Certain members of Congress want to starve Amtrak of funding. Such thinking is short-sighted and is not in America’s best interest.


  3. John K. Hunka says:

    It is important to note that the federal and state governments subsidize the airline industry by building and maintaining runways, navigation systems and airports. For that reason, it is nonsensical for members of Congress to argue that the federal government should stop subsidizing Amtrak.


    Shelley Goldberg

    Shelley Goldberg Reply:

    Hi and thank you for your reply. You make a great point. I am in agreement with you in that the government should subsidize our rail system as they do for airlines. Our nation is so far behind both Europe and Asia when it comes to rail service and infrastructure, its an embarrassment. A better rail system in the US would be an absolute boon to our economy.


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