Mexico Trumps China in EM Pecking Order

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  1. Mo says:

    Dear Sir, you forgot to mention when it comes to quality Mexican and American are more superior, and that speaks for it self. Thank you.


    Shelley Goldberg

    Shelley Goldberg Reply:

    Dear Mo,
    Thank you for pointing this out. Indeed, in many cases North American quality in manufacturing is superior to that of China. But China is aware of its reputation and is slowly adopting changes to address this. Surely it will take some time.


  2. PeterW says:

    I think that Westerners underestimate China. China war machine is trade that benefits both parties. Westerners prefer to blackmail/bomb to get what it wants.

    Nor should Westerners underestimate China’s Military.

    Today only a fool thinks it can win WWIII. No winners, only losers.

    China has greater challenges than the West, as the West has had easy times compared to China. But the Chinese work harder and educate themselves.

    China has had to be tough on its people at time, the West just rapes 95% of its People, at least that is the way I see it.


    Rick Worth Reply:

    Absolutely Peterw


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