American Voters Craving REAL Economic Change

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  1. Jack stone says:

    Simple.No trump , no vote ! I will not vote for another paid for liar..hopefully I won’t live long enough to see America devolve into a communist state. We are well on the way with the likes of Obama trumpka reid Pelosi and the rest of those lying sacks of dung..





  2. a, fortier says:

    we don’t need more government but a new financial structure managed by big companies with the cash they have abroad because if you give that money to the politician it will go to their friends and not the people. the latter are tired of being gauged by the politician and if there is no change it will blow violent. when people have no more money and nothing to louse there is a possibility that they become violent as history has shown. you cannot abuse the people like that forever. just think of the kings of France.
    those billionaires have to take over and replace some of the government program to help the people live a decent life just like the 60/70


  3. joe says:

    you didn’t mention the dow’s 11,000 point gain since 08 crash in your article or the 5% unemployment rate or the fact that nearly 50% of jobs created have paid over 50k or that we lost 1 m jobs per month in 2009. sounds like there are lots of reasons to be hopeful and grateful for the change, just not the guy who created it.


  4. allan kalt says:

    Why are the candidates not discussing the national debt and continuing deficits. By some measures we may already be bankrupt. Our financial position will determine what we can spend on all the proposals being made. The public needs to know how we will pay for rebuilding the military, deporting illegal immigrants, etc. Responsible financial planning is the key to our future and should be the most important factor in electing a president.


  5. Cliff says:

    The biggest problem we have is the security of this country. If we do not secure our borders you can forget about everything else and just give the country away. The one thing that links all of our problems is national security. Think about it. Without it there will be nothing left.


    tom Reply:

    We really need a big change. When I moved to California in 1961 I don’t believe there were any illegals here. They came, worked, and went back home. But now Caucasians are outnumbered in California. It is very hard to believe but thanks to Obama it is true!! We really need a change – a big change! This may be our last chance!!!!!


  6. Elliot Aronin says:

    Why does most of the media not understand what has actually occurred in Washington over the last 6-7 years. THe answer is :Tea Party Republicans- anarchists and nihilists have stated openly that they got into government to SHUT IT DOWN. The reason:
    PURE UNADULTERATED BIGOTRY!!. The Republicans stated on Jan, 20,2009, the inaugural day for Pres. Obama:
    Their official agenda- To Oppose Everything that
    Pres.Obama tried to do. There is NO gridlock inD.C. What there is PLANNED OBSTRUCTIONISM by the Republican Party. They have said so many times over. WHY DO YOU NOT GET IT? It is the most partisan, destructive group of anti-government, anti-
    Obama and ultimately ANTI-ANMERICAN
    people ever to disgrace the U.S.A.
    Please, no more “disfunction” it is Republican
    Obstructionism. No Question about that.


  7. Arbie Viau says:

    I like the fact that Trump is not a politician, we’ve had enough talk, now we want someone who will DO something in Washington D.C. that is beneficial to the American people, not to line their own pockets. We all know Trump is a successful businessman and America needs a successful man to make America and American’s successful, not a politician. Congress has forgotten that they were voted in to SERVE the people and are self-serving. Enough talk, I want a doer as POTUS. I believe Trump is sincere when he talks to the people, he has as much at stake as the people of this Great Nation!


  8. DOTTIE BENTON says:



  9. Glen says:

    I am not confident in financial and economic research data claiming this or that, nor in political results when there is so much noise of one world government implementation and disclosure of alien intervention on earth. I believe in both but have no idea of what will result. Some seers forecast an agrarian (sp) society with no large cities by the year 2050; not exactly impossible with the way events are shaping up.


  10. walnut says:

    No one can make America great again unless it is in the plan of the man upstairs. He will pick the person to preside over it and that person will get to the WH no matter what.

    Voters do not decide elections, God does, and He will ensure the destined one is elected. Am I saying Obama was actually chosen? Yes, not because God wanted to punish us; rather, because heaven on earth is never part of His plan.


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