50 and No Nest Egg: Time to Save Yourself

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  1. Dave Dixon says:

    As a Canadian, now retired and living in the U.S., thanks for the heads-up.


  2. RM Wolfe says:

    This article is interesting, but I take exception to the part that says, “Since you weren’t disciplined enough…” My lack of savings has nothing to do with lack of discipline, and everything to do with layoffs, lack of opportunities in my field, getting a degree on student loans, only to find that I can’t work in my chosen field because I must stay at home with a disabled child. I find it troubling that, when poor people can’t make it no matter what steps they take, they are still the ones blamed for being poor.


  3. Corn says:

    Absolutely true. How about the people that have been taking care of the disabled and sick in the home health field being ridiculously underpaid in comparison to the home health companies that are overcharging the government or patient and not even providing health insurance and benefits to their employees. As inflation is taking a toll they are hogging money that they could have shared with the employees in term of 401k plans or some kind of retirement help.


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