Smartwatch War: Can Anyone Challenge Apple?

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  1. S,K,LIMAYE says:

    I do agree that Apple watches would lure the fashion conscious youth in buying them but then why Mr Cook did not disclose the number of watches sold and Apple’s estimates of future demand ?


  2. Adam Longaway says:

    The smartwatch is mostly a good idea right now looking for a killer application to make it useful which probably isn’t going to happen. When they become cheap enough and have the ability to receive calls/data without being tethered to a phone, that’s when they should take off. The killer app in my mind is slapping one on your kid. That would give every parent the ability to know where their kids are at all times and even what their vital signs are. That alone would sell a ton of them, Apple or Android. Personally if I was Microsoft i’d be moving as quickly as possible to get the product I described above out the door if they want any shot at the mobile or IoT market.

    So yeah I agree with you but the watches being sold now are just toys and don’t sell enough to move any companies dial. Meh


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