SUPERNAP: The New “Fort Knox” in the Desert

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  1. gouchr says:

    A couple of F-16’s with “Sidewinders” would take care of this place!!


    Petiekc Reply:

    F-16s from where? Nellis? Get a grip.


  2. Al Hubbard says:

    My 57-year old son is senior manager of IT and Client Services at Humana….How can he request more info about SuperNap and perhaps arrange a business visit?

    Thank you,

    Al Hubbard
    retired Financial Services Officer


  3. Bill Simpsom says:

    New levels of security surely are different than my military days. If it was top secret; it was just that. VERY few knew what and where. Armed guards with STK instructions. “Use of deadly force” signs posted, etc. Now, you get a tour, discrbe security measures, know locations,etc. Top secret, indeed. Can we climb their fences? Razor wire and/or electrified (that’s probably too harsh? How long before the landscape will be mapped and on Mid-East computers? Oh well, I guess America can;t have too much of an advantage…


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