British MP’s Rise Powered by Socialism

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  1. Don Paterson says:

    Off topic to a degree, but given the current outlook, what Leap Puts would you consider in the Equity and Currency markets at this time?


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, we are unable to provide personalized investment advice.


  2. Sergei says:

    I’m very disappointed with the lack of the real background of the British approach to the politics. Please, come back to the late sixties when GB made everything possible and impossible to join the EEC (even supporting the neo-nazi in FRG – please, reade LeCarre). So all these speculations have nothing to do with the moral imperatives and only contributing to the lost of the human dignity. The people who have no principles but only interests could only need the sympathy… but God knows whether the sympathy could save them.


  3. James says:

    Just like B.H.O is doing in the U.S.


  4. Dick Hamilton says:

    Corbyn’s not on the ‘hard left’. Hugo Chavez? That’s an insane comparision.
    If you think Corbyn’s on the hard left, you have never met the hard left, and haven’t a clue what they stand for. Corbyn is what people here voted for in droves until the end of the 70s. Were Harold Wilson and Barbara Castle and Jim Callaghan on ‘the hard left’? By no stretch.


    Martin Hutchinson Reply:

    Corbyn is MP for Islington North. As an Islington resident in the 1980s, I can assure you Corbyn was hard left then and doesn’t seem to have changed much. Left of Michael Foot, more like Tony Benn in his radical phase. But far left of Ed Miliband, or anything that could be called the mainstream. Far more radical than Obama or than Bernie Sanders, to use U.S. comparisons.


  5. lieve says:

    If capitalists hadn’t screwed up the economy and had punished some bankers etc, that would be different… But the fact that QE has helped rich get richer WHO DON’T SPEND THAT MUCH but slaughtered savers and kept wages down for the last 10 years, ordinary people – WHO AFTER ALL SPEND their money – things might be different.


  6. lieve says:

    And why not take Britain out of NATO? What an awful farce that is with Europe poodling to US… Go and destroy systems in Iraq, Libya, Syria… Spend most of your GDP on weapons… No wonder they are reaping the result with all the immigrants pouring in! I reckon US – the main culprit – should take 75% of them.
    You are for freedom, let them come to you.
    What a joke. Indescribable.


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