ZIRP + Recession = Death Spiral

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  1. Larry Stapleton says:

    I like the overall gist of this article, but if the author buys what the government is saying about 5.3% unemployment then how can we have any confidence in what he says? That figure is a total lie.


  2. kadlac says:

    Those of us on SS cannot stand more inflation unless COLA goes up. I already cannot keep up.


  3. James says:

    Get out of your ivory tower and spend some time where ordinary people live and sometimes work. And make sure you understand who “ordinary” people are.

    We have not experienced a 6 year recovery. It seems you suck in all the govt data – which is highly manipulated – and think all is rosy.

    So far from the truth it’s despicable.


  4. Martin Hutchinson says:

    The government statistics are fudged rather than completely fictional. Reported inflation is about 1% below the true level because of “hedonic pricing” introduced in the 1990s. 5.3% unemployment is also too low, but from the point of view of economic management is still a useful figure because those who have “dropped out” of the labor force altogether are not part of the labor supply available to employers.


  5. Kevin says:

    More fictitious figures. Real consumers know the inflation fate is quite a bit higher than hedonic pricing, and because of this an added “misery” percent can be added. Justifying a 5% government unemployment fallacy when it’s 15 to 20% higher isn’t making 1/5 of America’s festering labor force and labeling them has “drop outs” doesn’t dismiss the lingering problems.


  6. John Lee says:

    Like 1929. Not bread line, but food stamps, welfare, free phone, 94 mil out of work force…


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