What Just Caused Outrage Among Spotify Users?

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  1. Sandra parker says:

    I was ‘up in the air’ with Spotify! I’m happy to report , thanks to you, my cquams have been sqashed. We just have to be more aware and Beware. Every up-turn, has a down side for cyber crooks. Thank you, for thinking about me!


  2. C.Fer Lop says:

    I knew some enterprises used some content this way. Some of them think we, they users, are stupid, but you know we are not.
    Anyhow, they are breaking law. If they establish not to share content and private data with a 3rd part, they shall do it.
    I’m worried not about Spotify LTD, but about Facebook’s use of what we write everyday and how they use this (and more things) to do easy and false advertisements ‘online’. It’s happening and nobody cares.


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