Making Sense of China’s Currency Devaluation

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  1. chitra mathew says:

    Sir, China is following what SWISS central bank did with their currency – de-linked it from Euro. Now China has done a sensible thing. But had dollar been falling China would have not done it, as it will hurt their exports.


  2. Jawaid manzoor says:

    What is happening in currencies in not new. Events force and change and then stabilize. Only yesterday, China’s economy was declared on a collapse. Now, a very marginal change. Typically, China watches the drama at the other end, and then has the last word. And yes, it will help exports, if not entirely of this devaluation. It has always been challenged for reevaluation of its currency.


  3. Louis Woolums says:

    Virtually all news sources are confused, using devalue and devaluate interchangeably.
    Devalue means to make worthless.
    Devaluate means to REDUCE the value.


  4. Gary says:

    Good article, but how does one invest in light of the currency concerns and the coming crash?


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