This Is Joe Biden’s Big Break

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  1. Scott U says:

    “Halving the federal deficit and restoring fiscal stability”?? That’s the most blatantly ludicrous claim I’ve heard all year from any supposed pundit. Sorry, such untruth overshadows the perceived value of the rest of your analysis. But you are right that Biden can enjoy projecting a folksy chatty side to local crowds, seemingly unconcerned by finer details, rather like Reagan.


    john b. Reply:

    Are you kidding? Martin, do your homework: Bernie Sanders will be the next president.


  2. Travis O'Neal says:

    How could any American with just a smidgen of brainpower vote for this killer of Americans? Of course they did in 2008 and 2012 and look where this country is today. Clinton is just a Obummer with boobs. So if you want to give this country away then go ahead and vote for this idiot but don’t blame anyone but yourself when you are living in another Russia or Germany.


  3. Hank says:

    No way Uncle Joe who has to get beyond noon to figure out what state he is in gets the nod from the Democrats. with Hillarious’s implosion due to the e-mails, the server problems the foundation, Benghazi and Bubba in tow The Democrats settle on Native American Elizabeth (Poc a hole in her story) Warren and she gets the nod!
    Democrats going all out socialist this year and it will be difficult for any Democrat given Obama’s numerous failures not the least of it his surrender to Iran to overcome. The black Lives Matter activists will also hurt the Dems in the long run. They have many liabilities in this coming election.

    Uncle Joe does not win against Cruz, Walker, Rubio and Fiorina gives him a real dog fight! Trump ehhh!


    Hank Reply:

    Conservatives will not sit at home this time around. They learned the hard way what not voting because of religious views of a candidate will do to this country if a socialist gets in!


  4. joe fritz says:

    Today I had the unique opportunity to attend a fundraiser at the house of the Cooper family. The purpose of the fundraiser was to continue to encourage our Vice President Joe Biden to seek the Presidential Nomination in 2015.
    Joe Biden is a Vice President whose candidacy will not cause any rancor. He can hit the ground running as he has had a tremendous amount of experience in government. He has been an active Vice President who has made an indelible mark over the last eight years.
    The grace on how he handled grief on several family occasions demonstrates his humanity. He has not used his office as a bully pulpit, but to encourage those on both sides of the aisle in Congress to work together to get meaningful legislation. I ask my Facebook friends to take a moment to look at : Draft Biden 2016 . Do as I did and sign the Petition to have him run for President. Here is a President who can be supported by both Democrats and Republicans alike.


  5. franko ( ol sarge ) miller says:



    franko ( ol sarge ) miller Reply:



  6. franko ( ol sarge ) miller says:

    BIDEN is a great example of what AMERICA has come to!!! NOTHING!!!


  7. Chemiker says:

    “Not an intellectual giant?” Understatement is sometimes very funny.


  8. Kevin Seitz says:

    The Republicans will NEVER regain the White House as long as the party leaders keep ignoring their support base and continue the policy of offering only Neo-Con RINOs as candidates. It’s like the GOP leadership is bent on destroying their own party from within.



    Biden could run for real which would add turmoil to the Dem campaign. Maybe he could run in collusion with Hillary, draw leftish Dems away from serious neo-Marxists like Warren and what’s his name, then join Hillary on the second ballot to clinch her nomination. My guess is Hillary isn’t smart enough to win the nomination. Obama stole it in 2008 when she ran an inept control freak campaign as she is doing now. Biden has never worked outside Congress, so he is the ultimate Washington insider. That would give Trump or whomever a target. At 72, Biden is running against the clock, although his new teeth, hair transplant and facelift in 2007 makes him look two decades younger. He would get the nomination if he can outsmart Hillary, which seems doable. At least the Dem campaign would get interesting.


  10. Roy Jaruk says:

    What on earth has given Clueless Joe the delusion that he is of presidential timber? The man is a clown, a bumbler, an incompetent fool, and a born second banana.

    There is a saying in Hollywood that you cannot cast a movie or a TV series with a second banana in the lead slot, because second bananas do not have the authority, the power, or the appeal to carry the load. Such shows and movies crash and burn very, very quickly. (Example: The Tim Conway Show, which starred Tim Conway and Joe Flynn of McHale’s Navy as a pair of bumbling pilots who owned a tiny commuter airline; it lasted 12 episodes.)

    Clueless Joe Biden is a natural-born second or third banana. If you thought the Obamination had no clue, well, Clueless Joe makes Obama look like a genius! Dan “Mister Potato Head” Quayle would have a better chance than Clueless Joe Biden! He can’t be trusted with a toy boat in a bathtub.

    Although he has cultivated the image of the one honest member of the Obama Misadministration, the operant phrase there is “member of the Obama Misadministration.” Like Slick Hillary, he is indelibly tarred with conscious and deliberate participation in the most corrupt and least transparent administration in American history, worse even than Nixon’s. I believe that makes both of them unelectable. At the very least, I sincerely HOPE it does. We have had eight years of an incompetent fool in the Oval Office. We as a nation cannot afford four more of the same.


  11. Bruce durand says:

    Though you folks had some brains, but obviously not. Joe Biden is an idiot and best.


  12. Bruce Crosby says:

    Don’t do it Joe.
    Go out a Winner


  13. Jawaid manzoor says:

    The old Joe has picked up lot of experience, even quite presidential. How many want him is the question…


  14. Jawaid manzoor says:

    For the long saying: Clinton wheels, Biden deals, with Obama to deliver. Now gone, it will time to face the real music, and that music is louder outside that US will have to deal with beyond toothy smiles and reading out statements…


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