Amazon Echo: The World’s Smartest Assistant

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  1. Dale StarA. Razvi says:

    If Amazon is capable of doing all this,then why it did not promote or advertise to the world,about its new inventions??
    A. Razvi


  2. MICHAEL BLOCK says:



  3. Jeff B. says:

    Thanks Greg….well written. Just stayed with my friend for a week, he had just got his Echo. He is a product trendy guy, always getting the latest and greatest. When reading your article I wondered how the robot would act when you are amping things up with your buddies while watching a game or a fight or something. You know, the robot recognizes your voice in the crowd and keeps responding, thinking you want something, all your friends telling you to shut the idiot off! ….Lol. But, then I remembered that he had to says it’s name before it responded. The funny part was that he would yell at it from time to time like you would a kid….Lol. Thanks again


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