Apple Earnings: The Only Two Numbers That Matter

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  1. Greg Wilson says:

    Due to a glitch in the iOS in my iPad I cannot receive or send MAIL. A FAIL by Apple, it seems. GW.


  2. Gene says:

    Best analysis of what to look for tonite. Clear basics and logic. Not all caught up in irrelevant concerns ie., sales of watch….


  3. Jawaid manzoor says:

    Simpy put: When you have these high techs like Apple – worth over 800 billion – Microsoft – over 500 bilion – you can congratulate them. But look at it the other way: You put the entire US auto industry – not worth half as much, and years of struggling to stay afloat – you do have a problem. Do we really want paper tigers as way of the economy? About 40 years back Henry Ford took home 95,000 with half as the bonus, and the same did Lea Iacoca, his president. I guess at today’s inflation it could roughly mean, may be 6-7 times more. So where is the end, or whether the new way of money is going to be hypothetical stocks and shares?


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