Canada Slides Into Recession

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  1. tony says:

    Where do you see Canada’s gold going? I presently hold Lake Share Gold (LSG).


  2. Tom Connelly says:

    How quickly will Australia follow Canada? Or is Australia actually well into a recession with government figures masking the truth!?


  3. PeterW says:

    During the last crisis, people believed that Canadian Banks were not bailed out. They were (it appears in one case), to the tune of more than the total value of all its stocks.
    This was accomplished via Canada buying worthless options in doing so indebted the Canadian People, like myself.
    Canadian leadership does not exist.
    I have written the Prime Minister a few times without acknowledgement. Since then, I wrote but never mailed.
    I have sat at a table for two, with Mr. Harper for a period of time. He is a good, intelligent, hard working man.
    I have a project that I tried to get off the ground, but backed off, as Canadians demanded the right to be zombies. Canada is not the only nation inhabited by zombies.
    I expect to move to another city, with fewer zombies.
    Thus I have put money aside to start the project again this fall. I expect it to be successful.


  4. J. E Hubley says:

    Happens every election year and will likely result in a changed Gov’t. Then watch the decline!!


  5. Jorge E. Calvo says:

    This entire crisis has been manipulated by greedy American corporate interests. The speculators and political maneuvers aimed at destroying competition have proven that America is the world’s worst partner. When they needed our oil they did anything to get at it. Now they have found a way to turn their back on us, as evidenced by the Keystone Pipeline rejection. Canada needs to become more self-sufficient in all its energy needs, and the day the Americans run out of water we should deal harshly with them. Screw America.


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