Iran Nuclear Deal Equals Lower Oil Prices

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  1. Mustosheer says:

    Dear Goldberg, Your writing reminds me the lies we, as under 18 students, used to make in order to get into a movie theater that was showing X-rated movies back in 70s in Iran. God! We would say, do, and pay anything to get into the theater. Now some people in this country do, say, and pay anything to kill the deal because their existence depends on lies fed to the US public. The accord, per say, is not about US, it is about other 7 billion people on earth who had enough of non senses coming out of US. The world has decided to work things out with Iran weather US is in or not. The deal is done, either US is in or not. Germany has already sending its adversaries and other financial elements to the land of its mother land “Aria”. Jews, despite Netanyahu rythric, have already started investing to the land of their sanctuaries, Iran.

    Oil prices are going down, wait! See what is being cooked for neighboring country named…

    President Obama is, was, the one who found out how to bring the Mullahs to the table. In the world that is controlled by oil, as your writing suggesting, the center of gravity, Iran’s region, will be the center of world’s power decisions. Who ever has Mullahs- has the total power control in the region and beyond. Thanks to president Obama, BRILLIANT.

    Please remember we live in a world that is made of three fundamental elements: Shepherds-Dogs- Sheep, where Shepherds are multi Billion Dollars Corporations, Dogs are the governments, and Sheep are the rest of us.

    In a matter of a year or so oil prices will bounce back to $100.00 again


  2. Joe Moore says:

    What a list of deceptive half truths. The period is 8 years, inspections are by the inept UN and 24 hour notice will be given before the inspections allowing much to be hidden. Not all sites will be inspected? Iran will continue to enrich uranium for nuclear weaponry and surrounding countries are now Extremely worried (especially Israel). This is a horrendous deal for other countries that Russia and Iran find acceptable.


  3. Kind bear says:

    If the sanctions were eased in 2013 and the Iranian oil spigot was partially opened, how much more additional oil can Iran supply?


  4. Mike Z says:

    Trust Iran? Tell me how they have earned the trust of any nation.


  5. 83footsailor says:

    This remains to be seen.


  6. Ron Rosenvold says:

    You are very naive if you think this deal will do anything to delay Tehran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon. As for if Iran violates the deal and sanctions being “snapped” back into place, this will likely take weeks if not months and by then it will likely be too late. I do agree that this likely means lower oil prices.


  7. Richard says:

    Which beast do you want? I’ll take American oil to compete and be free. Iranian leader wants to bury us and Israeli. Vietnam 25 years retired. Lets help our Israeli partners.


  8. Anthony Ferro says:

    Loyalty is nearly as valuable as the first principle, and only courage can produce loyalty. Therefore, support our nation friends first before making any treaty with our enemies. Donald trump had a quick measure on how substantial the treaty is with such a vindictive enemy. No prisoners were released.


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