Democratic Tool Used to Manipulate the People

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  1. Matt Moran says:

    Dear Martin Hutchinson,

    Are you aware that (according to UN record-keeping) Russia has become the world’s leading refugee destination. They are the people fleeing from notorious Ukraine.


  2. S,K,LIMAYE says:

    The Greek referendum was a ploy by the ruling party to gain legitimacy for tough negotiations with EU, but it hopelessly misfired. In submitting the proposals almost similar to the offer made earlier by its creditors the Greek government had very cleverly thought of getting a cake-walk and a bailout. Of course, the Greek government was not at all serious in implementing the tough austerity measures, but the creditors saw through this game and became more adamant than before. As a result, what Greece had to finally agree was much harsher conditions than the original ones. The final price of this game, as usual, will have to be paid by the common man!


    83footsailor Reply:

    The US is right behind GREECE in this monetary game.
    The US of A already owes THE CHI – COMS 17 TRILLION – we are next if we don’t get rid of this spend thrift LIBERAL MINDED GOVERNMENT OF OURS.


  3. 83footsailor says:

    The best way to play this game with OBOIOOOMA – the magnificent – is to not play the stock market at all. I haven’t played that market and don’t plan on doing so either.


  4. Jawaid manzoor says:

    Over the history, Greece had over four bailouts. No wonder, in this golden goose there has to be something for everybody. Remarkably, there has no reaction on the street, so EU much be very rich while Spain and others can also wait their turn. Is it not strange that this country’s per capita went over 35,000 dollars/an. while a working economy Turkey has almost a third of that.


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