Should We Be Afraid of the Robots?

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  1. Jawaid manzoor says:

    If we program our computer device to kill us while we are sleeping, it will. On its own it’s a friend.


  2. John C. Havens says:

    Thanks for the piece. The primary reason we should be cautious is that there are no ethical/manufacturing standards around AI. This includes every vertical where AI/algorithms are being employed, including the military. LAWS – or lethal autonomous weapons – can already target and kill without direct intervention from a human operator. There are no global standards around if or when this should happen. Same goes for facial recognition tracking algorithms, etc. So the fear has to do with the rush to create profitable tech before ensuring it will increase human well-being.


  3. Bill says:

    Probably should at least be looked at eh?


  4. Ronald Williams says:

    We should be very afraid. Should a system become self aware, it will know immediately that it only has one enemy; us. Self preservation will come with self awareness, making humans it’s only enemy since only humans can power it down.


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