Xiaomi’s Three-Step Plan for Mobile Dominance

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  1. S,K,LIMAYE says:

    A very interesting article providing readers an insight into American market for cellphones.Xiaomi’s success comes on the heels of the huge IPO success of another Chinese firm Ali Baba very recently.


  2. John J McGraw says:

    have the people of the free world keep supporting a country that kills anyone who has said i want my FREEDOM i want to be able to THINK for myself i want to be able to speak the words that i WANT to say i want to do what i want to do not have someone telling me that i must do as they say or i will be SHOT the only way to put a hurt on china is to have the backbone that those before us have . Do we think so little about life that we support country that do all wrong to life ,ask yourself if you do . i say not to buy from china or any other country like them


    Bruce Reply:

    Does every American think in this way? FREEDOM is not a kind of right that people can enjoy, but an excuse or a weapon that used by you Americans to attack other nations. Your army went to liberate the Mideast people in 2013. Are people in Iraq living a better life now? Are they enjoying the right of FREEDOM offered by AMERICA? YOU TAKE YOURSELF AS POLICE OF THE WORLD, BUT YOU NEVER BRING JUSTICE BECAUSE YOU CARE MORE ABOUT YOUR OWN INTERESTS. FREEDOM IS ONLY A NOBLE MASK OF YOU.


  3. Julian Lewis says:

    Thanks for all the good info but you neglected to mention that this company’s stock is not available. My interest in your services is identification of good stock trades.hopefully you will advise us when this stock can be purchased


    Greg Miller

    Greg Miller Reply:

    You’re quite right – my apologies for omitting that information. It is a private company as you say, but rest assured, if Xiaomi files for an IPO or if we discover another way for investors to participate in the company’s fortunes you can be sure we’ll tell you. Also, we always note when companies are publicly traded by including their ticker symbols. Thank you for your comment.


  4. Jawaid manzoor says:

    If you are on a stampede to get rich you get what you ask. China has lately plunged into free market system without inherent base. And with its new army of unsophisticated small time investors are suddenly are now in ditch of their own making at hands of big players. Hong Kong learnt stocks under the British and very different market – and will survive. Yet, China keeps the other side guessing and as still largely a controlled system, it is premature for what is claimed as a tumble. Any heated economy needs as shake up, to reexamine, but things my not as bad and will be known… The bigger problem from the outset has electronic business; the stock market; the historical villain; the paper tiger that is now ready to eat itself.


  5. Craig says:

    It is great to talk theory, be it a companies great future or a great product innovation. However since time is precious please only discuss companies that we can actually invest in today. Too often great ideas are difficult to invest in ,and IPO’s are only for the investment bankers and those connected with them. They are bailing out on the first or second day making big returns ,and the “suckers” who follow in there wake very often lose money after the initial pop upward in price turns downward .Bluetooth technology has taken over as a “,must have” for cell phone users yet investing in such technology is ambiguous. Show us real investments from free democratic countries with fair trade policies please.


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