Toyota’s Mirai Goes the Distance

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  1. donald nafe jr says:

    Fuel cells are the answer to the immediate future. Not sure what the price of hydrogen is going to be to go 300 mies. Hydrogen will be unlimited. Will be able to use sea water & solar power to beak down the sea water into hydrogen.


  2. T Richason says:

    I am in the market for a new car and if Texas had the infrastructure to support the Marai I would purchase one.


  3. Jawaid manzoor says:

    Japan borrows nicely and wraps it nicely- it looks good. As to quality, its claim of zero tolerance has not survived.
    Electrolysis has been in experiment since ages, as are new age alternate fuels. Today, you need clean air and by most the safety at hands of fully learned drivers, then technology alone. To the other, oil is not only energy but major contributor to the economy – a hard fact. Oil prices have been overblown, but coming down has as helped to increased sales… so how you look at this…


  4. Ed Bond says:

    Hyundai of Korea is a pioneer in Hydrogen vehicles and should be mentioned in this ‘news’ article. They have offered the Tucson Compact SUV with this same type of Hydrogen power train since 2014 in the U.S., UK , Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany. It is a “lease only” deal, in California only due to fuel station availability , and includes 3 years of free fuel. It has a similar range of 265+ miles per tank,has 4 doors, a large trunk and looks like a normal car. Mercedes Benz, Honda and Chevrolet also have test fleets in operation, gaining experience while they wait for fuel infrastructure to strengthen. I just think it’s of interest to readers to know this already exists in the market.


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