Feeling Sick? Just Buzz the Doctor On Demand

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  1. Jawaid manzoor says:

    Once you take the big money out of the equation there is no magic to solutions. That starts and remains with preventive health. The priorities: the aged who must be allowed to leave with dignity than at expanse of children while there is allowed a falling rate and their diseases/ailments that are costing a fortune. Technology has provided wonders, but mostly where much is known in daily life and too much to read than than follow. Technology has found value in reaching the remotest areas where there is little access to help, say communication, mobile hospitals and other make shift facilities in hand of half literates but who can do the job, if supported by even basic level of knowledge and supplies. Historically, it was the local medicine men, even the missionaries. Today you have an army of enthusiastic student volunteers. WHO continues to work on these projects through its own agencies/organizations, but there are also questions as to where it is going. All stops at the will. there is no shortage of practitioners willing to work for less, and these are things that need to be written about…


  2. Jawaid manzoor says:

    (allowed a falling rate is incorrect and mistyped.) Have you ever been to the remotest regions where people are dying by numbers……..Go before you talk about health and money at the same time……


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