Ghana’s Inept Policies Driving Cocoa Shortage

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  1. S,K,LIMAYE says:

    “….while Ghana’s cocoa output is dwindling ,supply remains strong globally,…As such demand may outstrip supply…”Sounds somewhat self contradictory !


    Samantha Solomon

    Samantha Solomon Reply:

    Thanks for your comment. You are right! This was a typo and has been corrected. Luckily, our readers are sharp.


  2. John Sellers says:

    Is it possible that this is a price bubble and that some day the price of chocolate will crash?

    That is wishful thinking on my part because I LOVE chocolate but have stopped buying it any more because it is now too expensive for me.


    Shelley Goldberg Reply:

    Thanks for your question, John. There is a likelihood that cocoa prices will come down from here and there could reasonably be an oversupply in the years ahead.

    Note that there are other reasons why chocolate prices have gone up over the years including high demand of other ingredients, such as sugar. Secondly, developed countries are now increasingly buying premium chocolate as their tastes have developed. As such, lesser grade chocolates feel they can increase their prices accordingly.


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