Greeks Fall Victim to a Fantasy Government

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  1. Martin says:

    You are so right, but then why is the American government pushing Europe into keeping Greece in the Eurozone, who benefits ?


    Bob Reply:

    The issue is COLLATERAL!! Pure and Simple. Bailing out Greece is really about bailing out the EURO banks (and Troika!). Most of the bailout money goes back to the banks, not the Greek economy! Greek Bonds have been used as “collateral” by the banks throughout Europe and leveraged up any where from 20-to-1… to 50-to-1 euros!!! The EU, ECB & IMF are TRAPPED!! For all the show that is going on, the Troika HAS to bailout Greece and kick the can down the road a little further! Greece will never pay back the 320 Billion euros they owe, and everyone knows it. But if they officially default (they are technically in default already) then TRILLIONS of dollars will all of a sudden become bad debt on the books of the EURO banks. How does this involve the good old USA?? The USA is 60% of the IMF. Our FED has “contributed” trillions of QE to Europe! This is nothing more than saving the banks… again!


    Jolly Reply:

    The Goverment want to keep Greece in the Eurozone, because otherwise Greece would seek help in Russia and they would build a pipeline through Greece to provide Europe with gas.

    Basically, its a geo-politic strategy to weaken Russia and maintain US-Power especially in Germany (occupied by US-Forces) and Europe.


  2. S,K,LIMAYE says:

    Politicians very often do not take rational decisions in their own vested interest. The price for this is then paid by common people. It reminds me of the huge debt incurred by Air India just for the fancy of the concerned minister who went away but the employees of the airline are facing pay cut in the name of austerity measure.


  3. Bernt says:

    I am sorry, I haven´t seen that obvious analysis in Europe – neither in the press nor from politicians.


  4. Ray says:

    This is what has happened since the EU leaders have expanded their empire and brought in so many countries who didn’t belong here in the first place. They only joined for the rewards and contributed little in return. Hopefully, we (in the UK) will be out of the whole sorry mess soon, which is a shame really because we should be united in defense against the new threats that Europe faces from many different areas.


  5. Abe seggfej says:

    Will Greece default? The truth is it has already however, it just hasn’t been noticed yet! No nation can get out of unsustainable debt by increasing its debt. As I write this, most Greeks are taking their money out of their bank accounts because, they believe the Greek Gov (on the instructions of the ECB, IMF) will soon be raiding people’s accounts just like they did in Cyprus. Increasing taxes on those that actually pay them is just going to encourage tax-evasion even more. The only viable solution for Greece is to do what Iceland did, in addition, they must quickly exit the Euro & the EU before their entire Nation is smashed into the floor by this ever expanding debt burden. Doing more of the same really is the definition of insanity as far as Greece is concerned. This situation is now to the point where the entire Euro project will start to disintegrate if there is just “more of the same,” it just that simple! Regards… Abe


    Keokia Reply:

    Dear Seggfej!! ISIS will get Greece before you can say ” mi tortent?”.
    ALL Europe will soon be under the Arabs. In Hungary they are already buying up everything that is “for sale”. Greece is a sad case, even though the Euro Nations want to bail it out.
    The English Queen already owns tens of thousands of acres of land in Canada. How about you? Where do YOU own anything?—Be happy you live America..!


  6. Chris Johnson says:

    You have to remember the Euro is a political construct, not an economic one. EU leaders will continue towards ever closer integration & you can not do that without being warm and fuzzy towards all member states – bit like errant children really.
    Reality is but a word in the lexicon it has no part to play in these negotiations between Greece & EU. IMF maybe a harder nut to crack, particularly the debt forgiveness bit (I wish my creditors would give me some of that!)

    Just thank God the UK is not a member of the Eurozone and not really committed to the’ Europe as a single family’ concept.


  7. Burt says:

    The Greeks have a real leader for a change – not a puppet leader as earlier ones nominated by ECB/IMF (aka Germany/USA) to lead Greece and Italy with a view to sell their country and pursue the EU agenda.

    As to the popular choice of a leftist govt as you describe it, I need hardly remind you that you discuss one of the oldest democracies in this world, with a history and real culture dating more than 2000 yrs, not a mere 200 odd yrs.

    And this olive sized patriot as you refer to gutsy and committed Tsipras has shown Europe’s Goliath and by extension USA their place in the scheme of things Greek.

    Maybe if you really did some real research you’d find that under the guise of aid, North-Western EU countries milk their poorer Southern and Eastern neighbors ensuring they remain permanently in debt with a view to ensure their real objective – economic, monetary and finally political capitulation resulting in union with the Forth Reich in the making.

    Today, USA and EU want to retain Greece in their devious grasp to avoid risk of inroads by Russia and China into S. Europe.

    Greece is not an economic decision open to debate by economists; it’s a geo-political and geo-strategic decision.

    ECB, IMF etc are mere tools and do not decide Greece’s future in or out of the EU. US sponsored NATO does. Secretly. Period.


    Παύλος Reply:

    I totally concur!
    I hope the Greek population does the right thing on the July 5th referendum.
    Modern day Spartan 300 against evil oppression !!


    RSB Reply:

    Both Greece and you appear to be legends in your own minds. Greece needs to man up and formally default and then get out of the EU. Then Greece can show the entire world how smart and resourceful they really are. Maybe they will have another shooting civil war. Both you and Greece need to just go away.


    guillaume van weyenbergh Reply:

    well said !!


  8. Justin W says:

    Why should Greece worry about financial responsibility? The other Euro members seem to be willing to accept their worthless promises in exchange for more money. We’re seeing a similar scenario in the United States where debt is growing with little effort being made to actual control spending or pay down the mountain of debt.


  9. ROBERT says:

    First why do you need to call them “wimpy politicians?” Does that make ours tougher? As for financial irresponsible government actions, have you ever looked at the national debt of the US? How our leaders were involved with the housing market crash and why is it none of our bankers, credit rating companies CEO’s, or stock investment company executives went to jail? Then, right after the bankers paid their fines for the housing mess they turned right around and were caught manipulating the foreign exchange (more fines but no jail). Even Martha Stewart did her time. Maybe we should be watching more what’s going on here at home.


  10. Will Koenig says:

    This is the first article on the Greece situation that fully expresses my feelings. Very well written and may there be many more. I might add that I believe in positive and negative incentives; which is what come into play here.


  11. Jawaid manzoor says:

    It is hard to believe what has been put into this sinking ship that will sooner become E.U own grave. Interestingly, Greece now blames its creditors for making them so rich… but where has real loot has actually gone!?!?


  12. Jawaid manzoor says:

    Greece has powerful American lobby behind all this. The best prize they are waiting is perhaps to be able default, get out and keep the loot in what is perhaps unprecedented in history by size of this country.
    Did even US spend that much on Marshall Plan? U.K has been smelling this problem for some time and now has agenda of its own while enough of problems to begin with.


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