Fed Creating Dividend-Stock Valuation Extreme

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  1. kg1321 says:

    This is a stupid propaganda article. What the author want’s you to believe is that the real responsibility for the economic confusion is from Government intervention. This is plainly false. It has been Government intervention that has SAVED the markets. What caused the chaos in the first place was fellow “Austrian school” Ayn Rand acolyte Allan Greenspan’s policy of “free money” in an attempt to save the failed Bush economy. Whatever “miscommunication” the Austrians want to blame the Government on is their OWN obfuscation of the REAL ISSUES.


    Edouard D'Orange Reply:

    Boy, are you confused and suffering from extreme ignorance, partisanship and BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). It was Keynesian economic policies that the Fed Chairs have been following from Greenspan, Bernanke to Yellen. Do you even know what the Austrian school is? Ayn Rand is not part of the Austrian economists. Failed Bush economy? Do you not even know about the bubbles that the Federal Reserve blew up, 2000-1 internet bubble, the mortgage meltdown, Fannie Mae meltdown, derivatives and financial instruments that caused insurance meltdowns?


    walnut Reply:

    “failed Bush economy”

    That gave you away, idiot.


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