Common Kitchen Ingredient Sparks Controversy

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  1. Leon Kingsley says:

    Well said.. i just came back from CVS and was refused 20% hydrogen peroxide? The chemist said bad people might use it to do bad things… what a load of toss! Honestly. And as for the “World Wide War On Drugs”, it is simply a huge waste of money and human resources.. Greg i always enjoy your take on things.. keep up the good work.


  2. joebanana says:

    Drug addiction is a medical condition, NOT a criminal act. Criminalizing a medical condition IS a criminal act. Doctors are the new “drug pushers”, who distribute far more dangerous, and deadly drugs than the guy in the alley, but their drugs are “legal”?


  3. Dale StarA. Razvi says:

    Certain new and improved drugs are always welcome and encourage in our society. The main issue is that,the Government wants to get involved into every thing which happens in our country. Not only just in our country but also whatever is happening all over the world, For this stupid Philosophy, our young men have to sacrifice their lives and the country gets pushed back $billions in deficit spending. Recent example is the case of ISIS in Middle east. The criminals are from Saudi Arabia and Iraq who are bent on destroying not only their lives but the lives of all the countries,like Saidi Arabia,Jordan,Syria Turkey and Iraq. The irony is tha, t the natives of all these countries are not taking any action,but all are counting on US to provide their Army and ammunition. As I have mentioned earlier that our government always want to get involve, whether it is our interest or not. Si9nce the time of the WW we went to defend Brits against Hitler. when will we start paying same attention and commitment towards improving our situation at home. Think before you elect another Presidential candidate! in a short time.
    Star A. Razvi


  4. Francisco Machado says:

    Making opium inexpensively in the United States? What’s Afghanistan going to do for money? They’ll have to undersell our domestic product. And the oil boom here! this is economic warfare! Next thing you know, we’ll be growing junk plastic toys, cell phones and computers.


  5. Jeff says:

    Since we live in a fascist state, the US gov’t has to protect their big pharma ho’s so the gravy train rolls on ! If, as we have been told endlessly for decades, marijuana has no medical uses, then why did the US gov’t get the patent on it?


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