Worst Avian Flu Outbreak in U.S. History

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  1. Heather Moore says:

    The best way to prevent the spread of bird flu—and save billions of animals from pain and suffering—is to stop raising and eating animals. Chicken and turkey factory farms are so crowded and filthy that they are perfect reservoirs for disease. Tens of thousands of birds are packed in sheds teeming with bacteria. When one bird gets sick, the disease can quickly spread to the other birds in the shed. It’s safer, kinder, and cheaper to choose healthy vegan options instead of poultry and eggs.


  2. LucyP says:

    In light of concerns about bird flu (which can be transmitted to humans) and the resulting egg shortage, it’s the perfect time to go egg-free. Most baked recipes can be made without eggs (bananas, applesauce, or ground flaxseeds make great egg stand-ins) and tofu can be seasoned and cooked for tasty, cholesterol-free morning scrambles. Choosing plant-based alternatives to eggs also saves chickens from having the tips of their sensitive beaks seared off and being confined in tiny wire cages on factory farms until they are killed. Everyone wins!


  3. KimMarie says:

    Yet another reason I thoroughly enjoy being vegan. I’m not exposed to outbreaks like this, I’ve never been in better shape, my appetite doesn’t sentence animals to death and my carbon footprint is 50% less than meat, eggs and dairy-eaters.


  4. Martin Harris says:

    You got to be kidding me. Stop eating eggs and chickens. Can you imagine billions of chickens roaming the streets and billions of dear, cattle as well. Couldn’t even drive a car down the street or walk freely from one place to another with out stepping in crap. Please give me a break. God balances nature in odd ways.


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