Could Artificial Intelligence Keep You Slim?

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  1. Siera says:

    My wife would use it constantly as would most of her friends. They think it would be one of man kinds greatest inventions. While I do not share their enthuseasim, I think it would be a cool app and would use it as a tool for my diet and would probably think twice before eating something not so great for me.


    Marques T. Reply:

    While the im2calories app is interesting, Google states that it could be off by 20% while counting calories. As a diabetic, that could be the difference in needing another insulin shot or not…One solution on the market that I found to be more accurate is SmartPlate. I think those guys are on to something, I recently stumbled upon their page on KickStarter.


  2. David Mitchum says:

    My company uses multiple apps related to health. However, to that makes it impersonal and weight is very personal. I do not attempt participation in work sposored health incentives. It would be like working all the time. As a desk jockey my first acknowledgement about my health is that working at a desk provides better for my family than being a gym rat. So good health requires more physical activity than I am getting. Reducing calories is a complimentary choice that will have some benefits. The easier the better.


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