China’s Bullying Exacerbates Extreme Conflict

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  1. AndrewA says:

    30 years of détente have clearly failed with every hostile state. What next? More failures? More weakness? Just like infrastructure, diplomacy takes maintenance which includes “fixing things” before they get out of hand. WW III will be “very bad for business”.


  2. Blue says:

    Simple solution for Chinese insanity: Cut off trade completely, including Apple. All of SouthEast Asia should do the same. Problem solved. Don’t play games with China. If they think they can exist without trade from most of the world, fine.


  3. kafantaris says:

    “If we leave any unlawful situation unattended, order will soon turn to disorder, and peace and stability will collapse.” — Gen Nakatani
    Actually the situation is simpler than that: “If we take a step back, the bully will take a step forward.”
    So do we want to set this tone for the next decade?


  4. green says:

    Blue has it right!! The West has financed this bully-boy at the expense of its own industries/people!, and knowing full well the temperament of CCP! You released the Kracken, now deal with it!


  5. Don Vandervelde says:

    The U.S. needs to form the southeast Asia treaty organization (SEATO), including Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, S. Korea, Australia, and other willing allies, and hold regular live-fire war games in the South China Sea, with all air, ship and sub forces. Civilization and the rule of law must be vigorously defended against aggressors…


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